Aims ans Scope

The journal mission:

1. Publication and discussion of innovative ideas and scientific developments in the field of economics and management of real estate, including the organization of construction, town planning, as well as the regulation of professional activities of relevant sectors of the economy.

2. A broad exchange of views in the scientific and expert community, contributing to finding the best solutions to current challenges facing the subjects of investment and construction and housing and communal services.

3. Organization of the international cooperation through the publication and analysis of the most promising scientific developments and experience in implementing innovative projects in the field of construction, real estate, town planning, etc.

4. Publication of materials aimed at ensuring a high level of professional training for investment and construction, housing and utilities, and related industries.

Categories Magazine

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Official Section

Section is devoted to the topical issues of the activities of state authorities in the field of construction, real estate, management of urban areas, and others., Including the formation and implementation of public policies and targeted programs for sustainable development of industries, facilities, areas.

Cover Story

In the presented materials reflecting the central theme of the journal issue in the current context.

Real Estate Economy

Forum topics include the theory and practice of functioning of real estate as an economic category, including market turnover, investment, financing, evaluation and others.

Management and ekspertirovanie estate

Section is devoted to the issues of property management at all stages of its life cycle, including development and implementation of investment and construction projects, as well as issues of relevant expertise in a wide range of areas, including technical, cost, legal, environmental, etc. < / p>

town planning

Forum topics include design issues, establishment, operation, reconstruction and renovation of the space and territorial environment of cities and other settlements types.

The strategic issues of real estate development

The section devoted to strategic issues of sustainable development and improve the efficiency of the functioning of real estate and the solution of urgent problems and emerging issues at various levels of consideration.

Domestic and foreign experience

In the published materials reflecting the experience of the practical implementation of innovative projects in the field of construction, real estate, town planning, etc. In Russia and abroad.

The experience of training specialists in the direction of & laquo; Construction & raquo;

This page is devoted to ensuring a high level of professional training for investment and construction, housing and utilities, and related industries. The central place occupied by the question of training in the direction of & laquo; Construction & raquo;.

Legal aspects

In the published materials on topical issues of development of the system of legal regulation of property relations in the field of real estate, regulation, investment and construction and housing and communal services.

In a world of interesting

In the published materials, not included in other sections of the theme, however, causing interest and aimed at a wide range of readers.


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The Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education & laquo; Moscow State University of Civil Engineering & raquo; (VPO "MGRS"),

Company & laquo; Publisher DIA & raquo;

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About publishing

Publisher ACB founded in 1993. Over the years, published more than 3,000 titles of educational and scientific literature, covering a wide range of professional issues, & mdash; from the history of architecture and the architectural and structural design of buildings and structures to the technology of their construction.

The authors are leading experts known scientific schools of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGRS) and other architectural and engineering universities and academies, the editorial board consists of scientists from different countries in Europe, Asia and the USA. Among the many publications of textbooks and teaching aids, the main provisions of construction production. It is important that the publications are also normative, reference and illustrative material, as well as the required amount of materials for course and diploma design.

A number of published textbooks and manuals are marked with high awards.

Some educational and scientific publications on construction and architecture translated and published in English, Chinese foreign publishing houses, together with the scientific publishing house "Begell House" New York, USA.

Publisher DIA actively participates in international book fairs in Russia and abroad.

Director of the publishing house & mdash; Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation, winner of the Russian Competition & laquo; Manager of the Year - 2005 & raquo; nomination publishing Nikitin Nadia.

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About the main editor

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Editor in Chief - Grabow Peter G. - Head of Department & laquo; construction organization and management of real estate & raquo; Moscow State Construction University, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences.

It has more than 200 scientific publications, including 15 books on various aspects of macro - meso and micro


Among them, Economy and Property Management: A Textbook for high schools / under total. Ed. P.G.Grabovogo. Moscow, Publishing House of the & laquo; company & laquo; Prospectus & raquo; & raquo ;, 2013 (2nd edition revised and enlarged), reconstruction and renovation of the existing building of the city. Textbook for high schools. / Under the general editorship. P.G.Grabovogo and V.A.Haritonova & ndash; M .: Island & laquo; ASV & raquo; and & laquo; Young Guard & raquo; 2012, examination and inspection of the investment process: Textbook in two parts. / Pod Society. Ed. prof. P.G.Grabovogo & ndash; M .: Publishing House & laquo; ASV & raquo ;, Publ & laquo; Prospectus & raquo; 2012, Risk management in real estate: the textbook / under total. Ed. PG Grabovogo. & Mdash; Moscow: Prospect, 2012 Construction of unique objects of the transport system of the Olympic Sochi, in two parts in 2014, Serveying: organization, expertise, management: a tutorial in three parts / under total. Ed. prof. PG Grabovogo & mdash; Moscow: Publishing «ASV», IIA «Prosvetitel», 2015. etc.


The results of studies repeatedly reported at Russian and international conferences, symposia, seminars, including over the last 5 years: I of International Scientific and Practical Conference & laquo; Real Estate: economy, management and training & raquo; (Moscow, 2001), & laquo; Expertise and facilities management of residential properties & raquo; (Prague, 2003), & laquo; management of apartment buildings & raquo; (Moscow, 2004), & laquo; organization and management of investment and construction projects on the basis of the modern concept of development & raquo; (Helsinki, 2005), II International Scientific and Practical Conference & laquo; Real Estate: Economics, Management and Training (Moscow, 2006), III International Scientific and Practical Conference & laquo; Property: Problems of Economics, Management and Training & raquo; (2007), V International Conference & laquo; housing policy in Russia. Modern approaches to the management and maintenance of real estate & raquo; (Sochi, 2013), VII International Scientific and Practical Conference & laquo; life cycle management of the property: the technology, expertise, economics & raquo ;, 2015


On the basis of the work of Professor Grabovogo PG, under his leadership, created a scientific school on the organization and management of real estate with the use of modern information technology and the principles of sustainable urban development, taking into account the social interests of the population. He is the organizer and head of the subcommittee on education in the field of Construction and Housing, the Committee for enterprise development in the construction Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Develop programs and introduces a system of retraining managers at various levels of the municipality, working in housing and utilities sector.

Under the guidance of Professor PG Grabovogo protected by 24 master's and 14 doctoral theses. Currently, he is the supervisor of 2 PhD students and 3 doctoral students.

Professor PG hornbeam It is a great social and scientific activities. He is chairman of the educational-methodical commission UMO universities in construction education profile & laquo; Expertise and real estate management & raquo ;, Chairman of the doctoral council on specialty & laquo; Economy and management of a national economy (economy, the organization and management of enterprises, branches, complexes (building)), the head master's program & laquo; Serveying: a systematic analysis of the management of land and property complex & raquo;


The scientific and creative activity of Professor PG Grabovogo recognized by several public academies.