Ethics review of scientific publications

Revision ensures an independent review of materials way to ensure fairness and objectivity of statements about the scientific value of the proposed article to the publication.
According to the journal editorial policy establishes the procedure for the review submitted for publication materials.
Editorial guarantees the fair and due process of independent review.
The editors reserve the right to reject the material without conducting an independent review if it is found to be of poor quality or unsuitable for readers. This decision is made fairly and impartially, taking into account the editorial policy.
Edition uses the services of independent reviewers with respect to materials considered for publication by selecting individuals who have sufficient experience and have no conflict of interest.
Independent reviewers reported, what is required of them, and also provides information about any changes in editorial policy.
If the part of the reviewers raised a question in respect of the reliability of data and the advisability of publication of scientific work, Revision gives the author an opportunity to respond to questions.
At the direction of the review editors ensure the confidentiality of the authors of the material and informs the need to maintain such confidentiality reviewers. Issue no one reported the status of the material in the magazine, in addition to the authors.
The editors maintain the confidentiality of personal data reviewers.